DifGen Pharmaceuticals LLC, 100, Overlook Center, Suite 2099, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 USA

About Us

DifGen is a generics company with a primary focus on developing difficult and differentiated generics affordable to everyone. We have developed strong expertise over the years in the areas of formulation, analytical development, Drug Quality Assurance (DQA) and regulatory capabilities. Our business objective revolves around bringing out unique and commercially viable product lines in the critical areas of Injectables, Drug Devices, Ophthalmic, Topical and Orals. We also specialize in novel product development and late-stage licensing for our world-wide partners.employees and associates are one of the key pillars of our success. We are a proud and energetic team aspiring to develop innovative and cost-effective pharmaceutical products that make a positive impact to help create a healthier society and ease the global health care burden. We strive to create a vibrant, challenging and positive work environment that emphasizes constructive criticism and open communication to aid in an individual’s growth. We are an equal opportunity employer striving to attract the best and brightest employees with the right attitude for a rewarding career in the field of pharmaceuticals through our well-designed growth, compensation/benefits plans and a strong commitment towards a proper work-life balance.